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Prof. DDr. Roman Egger sees himself as a generalist. „There is no topic that is not worth studying“. Egger was a full-time professor of tourism studies at the „Innovation and Management in Tourism“ degree program at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences for 20 years and is an Adj. Ass. Prof. at the Modul University Vienna.

I am a technology trend scout equipped with a robust research background, delving into innovative technology applications for the tourism and leisure sector. „Tomorrow, the world will undergo yet another transformation, making this field one of the most dynamic and disruptive.“

My current interest:
* Large Language Models
* Predictive Analytics and Forecasting
* Data Science Methodologies


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Data driven projects
Keynotes and Webinars

My team – people I love to work with

Markus Kreuzberger

Markus is a master’s student in sociology and project assistant at the Department of Sociology and Social Geography at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg. His research interests lie in fields of spatial sociology, social inequality, the multifaceted aspects of tourism, and quantitative methods of empirical social research.

Monika Bretbacher

Monika is after 20 years in tourism industry and academic tourism research experienced and specialized in business and research projects with focus on sustainable product & business development and innovation processes.

Alexander Wallner

Alexander is a Student at JKU, studying AI. at the JKU in Linz. He has experience in project development and nearly 10 years of experience in coding. Currently, he mostly codes in Python, Java, Typescript, and also C#.

Gregor Arbeithuber

Gregor is a student at JKU Linz, studying AI. With experience in project development and about 10 years of coding experience, he specializes in Python, C#, Java and R

Veronika Arefieva

Veronika is a Data Scientist with more than 7 years of professional experience in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Her projects include NLP for marketing analysis, intelligent voice assistants, automatization of healthcare systems, and others.

Oliver Kemper

Oliver is a Data Scientist with 5 years of experience in academia. His interests include in time series and stock market prediction. Recently, he started to look into video analytics methods.

Patricia Kasper

Patricia has recently finished her master’s studies in Innovation and Management in Tourism at FH Salzburg where she focused her research on digital solutions and user experience improvements for city destinations.

Teodora Zubic

Teodora is a graduate from FH Salzburg with a Master’s in Innovation and Management in Tourism where she researched the impact of frontline service robots on employees‘ well-being in the dynamics realm of the hospitality sector. She has experience in tourism, sales and marketing.

Sara Stefani Steiner

Sara studies AI at JKU and psychology at PLUS, bridging tech and psychology. Her projects span from using NLP to assess charismatic language, exploring CNNs in computational neuroscience, and harnessing the perspectivist data manifesto to mitigate AI bias

Latest news

I am thrilled to share that I have embarked on a significant study for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy, focusing on the State of Tourism Research in Austria. This study aims to map out the landscape of Austrian tourism research, which currently features […]
As highlighted in our review of the year and preview of 2024, this year is all about video generation through artificial intelligence.A groundbreaking example of this is OpenAI’s latest breakthrough: the text-to-video generator „Sora“. Sora is an advanced text-to-video generator capable of generating realistic video clips […]

Client Testimonials

Abigail Siguenza Perez
Int. Marketing Director
City Council Madrid

The outstanding work of professor Egger who delivered four webinars on AI for tourism destinations was truly inspiring and invaluable to our network of tourism offices.

Ralf Zednik
Head of Market Research

In recent years, thanks to Roman’s active support and expertise, we have been able to realize several big data and AI projects with great insight for the destination Munich.

Christoph Eisinger
Ski Amadé

We have been in contact and engaged in exchanges with Roman Egger for over 20 years. During this time, he has provided valuable advice, delivered presentations, shared knowledge, and collaborated on projects. Our partnership with him has always been highly productive, significantly contributing to what Ski amadé represents to its customers: Austria’s most innovative ski destination.

Clemens Költringer
Head of Market Research
Vienna Tourist Office

Roman is truly a pioneer in the intersection of information technology and tourism. His scientific ambition and genuine curiosity for technology-driven innovation are complemented by a steadfast focus on practical needs and relevance. Personally, I find great value in our exchanges on an equal footing, enriched by his extensive experience, which leaves us feeling genuinely well-guided.

Holger Sicking
Head of Market Research
Austrian Tourist Office

Besides the many projects I do with Roman, he is one of my favorite sparring partners for new ideas and projects when it comes to market research and AI. He is always ahead of the crowd.

Lollo Blomberg
Digital Analyst
Visit Sweden

The use of professor Egger’s data has really helped us in measuring the effect of our marketing activities. Being creative and responsive of our ideas has been a true success factor. Looking forward to our collaboration for 2024.

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