speekingI haveĀ been an internationally sought speaker on my research topics for many years. I understand how to translate scientific findings into practice and present them in an understandable way. My analytical skills make me a visionary without losing touch with reality.

The spectrum of my talks:

Information and communication technologies in Tourism
Roman Egger deals with emerging technologies and examines their application scenarios and use cases in the tourism and leisure industry. He is considered the leading eTourism specialist in the German-speaking world, combining technological developments with social trends and demands from the industry. Among other things, Egger is a consultant for ministries and destinations. Currently, Egger is primarily concerned with topics such as virtual reality, augmented reality, wearable devices and transmission technologies such as NFC, beacons and many more.

Experience Design
The staging and design of sustainable, positive experiences will be the distinguishing feature of companies in the future. Egger explains strategies, methods and courses of action to anchor themselves in the minds of their customers.

Egger became famous with the book „Gamification in Tourism. How to create memorable experiences“. In it, Egger and his colleague Paul Bulencea describe what we can learn from the (video) gaming industry and how we can understand gamification as a repertoire of methods to intrinsically motivate people and create meaningful experiences.

Open Innovation
If you want to steer your company innovatively into the future, you have to be able (or dare) to think outside the box. „Open innovation, co-creation and crowdsourcing are more than just buzzwords. Used and integrated correctly, these are promising approaches that can secure the decisive competitive advantage.“

I also talk on numerous other topics, just send me your specific request.