I am thrilled to share that I have embarked on a significant study for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy, focusing on the State of Tourism Research in Austria. This study aims to map out the landscape of Austrian tourism research, which currently features […]
As highlighted in our review of the year and preview of 2024, this year is all about video generation through artificial intelligence.A groundbreaking example of this is OpenAI’s latest breakthrough: the text-to-video generator „Sora“. Sora is an advanced text-to-video generator capable of generating realistic video clips […]
An interesting discovery has recently been made on the Internet: The detailed structure of ChatGPT’s system prompt has been leaked. For those who are less familiar with the matter: A prompt is the instruction or prompt you give to an artificial intelligence (AI) to get a […]
I am excited to share my latest #publication, a collaborative effort with an incredible team: Joanne Yu, Wilson Cheong Hin Hong, and me. Our article, „The Art of Post Captions,“ featured in the Journal of Travel Research, presents a unique perspective on the role of text in #SocialMediaMarketing, […]