I am excited to share my latest #publication, a collaborative effort with an incredible team: Joanne Yu, Wilson Cheong Hin Hong, and me. Our article, „The Art of Post Captions,“ featured in the Journal of Travel Research, presents a unique perspective on the role of text in #SocialMediaMarketing, especially in the tourism industry.
Our #methodology was comprehensive. We analyzed the syntactic and lexical complexity of social media captions, integrating #Linguistics and #DataAnalysis to understand their impact on user engagement. A key part of our approach involved image clustering to facilitate a coherent examination of the relationship between visuals and captions.

This study reveals the intricate dynamics between text and imagery in social media posts. Our findings highlight the challenges in attributing user engagement solely to visuals or text. We discovered that it’s not just about the image or the caption alone, but how they synergistically work together to capture the audience’s attention.
The importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration is a significant takeaway from our work. We emphasize the need for partnership with linguists to develop readability measurements that are specifically tailored for social media content. This approach is crucial for crafting posts that resonate with audiences across various platforms.

Looking forward, we see a world of possibilities for future research. There is a need to explore sophisticated methodologies to untangle the individual contributions of visuals and texts. Our study also opens the door to examining cultural differences in social media engagement and expanding research to platforms beyond #Instagram.

I am incredibly proud of this collaboration and the insights we’ve uncovered. A big thank you to my co-authors for their dedication and expertise.
I invite you to read our article and share your thoughts on this fascinating intersection of #TourismMarketing and #DigitalCommunication. Your perspectives and feedback are highly valued!

Here is the link to our paper: https://lnkd.in/d3G7DtRN



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